Escape rooms provide more than just fun and excitement. They offer a unique opportunity to build better team work and communication skills. The nature of the escape rooms creates an environment where you have to work together to decipher clues in a timely way.

We have found these rooms can be great work exercise for employees to learn how to solve problems more effectively. We have even utilized our escape rooms to decide on our new hires!

Build better communication skills with our escape rooms! Since you and your group members will be solving mysteries, you'll learn to talk through problems to crack the clues.

Team work is the biggest key when breaking out of an escape room! You'll have to learn to work together to decipher clues before the clock runs out! This is a great team builder experience.

Our escape rooms are perfect for anyone seeking a mental challenge. Our clues come in riddles, games and other intriguing tasks that keep your mind fully engaged! You will be thinking on your toes to crack our clues.